iChamps supporting the development of digital literacies skills

the ichamp model

How we roll

Official iChamp Badge

All our iChamps capture and reflect on their activities through their portfolios and their badges. When they have completed their projects and have demonstrated that they have worked on the required areas, they then receive their Official iChamp Badge.

The Student Champions Network

The iChamps are part of the HEFCE funded REACT Project led by Tom Lowe and Liz Dunne and are overseen by the University Student Champions Network.

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Excel Placement Scheme

We work with the Excel Placement Scheme with the Careers Service at the University of Southampton. The scheme manages the administration for payments and offers a project based structure to allow us to ensure that the students have careers support as well as academic support

Part of the Student Champions Network
We believe that developing digital literacies skills is fundamental to all technology enhanced learning

The Innovation and Digital Literacies Champions (iChamps) are a network of multidisciplinary students from Undergraduates to PGRs who work with academics and the wider University on initiatives relating to developing digital literacies skills. We are guided and supported by the Student Champions Network who oversee how we work, including quality assurance and academic rigour. Our lead for this initiative is Fiona Harvey from the Institute for Learning Innovation and Development.

  • Interactive video content

  • Using appropriate tools online

  • Using social media effectively

  • Effectively engaging online

Meet the iChamps

Supporting the development of digital literacies skills for the University of Southampton

Sophie Brown

iChamp – Geography
Working with Dr Sally Hayward using portfolios, badges and interactive tools for engaging students in developing professional skills for Geographers as well as active learning

Mauro Cozzi

iChamp – ISVR (Acoustical Engineering)
Working on active learning through the use of portfolios and tools such as Explain Everything and video blogs.

Oli Galgut

iChamp in Faculty of Medicine
Working with Dr Angela Fenwick to develop podcast-like resources to supplement and support the 3rd year Clinical Ethics and Law module for medical students.

Clarissa Chay

iChamp – Chemistry
Working on various educational projects in partnership with Prof Andrea Russell

Courtney Rowan

iChamp – Chemistry
Working on educational projects within Chemistry in partnership with Prof Andrea Russell

Charlie Cosstick

iChamp – Biological Sciences
Developing the skills for mobile technology in fieldwork. In partnership with Dr Judith Lock

Ursula Grover

iChamp for Humanities
Working with Dr Eleanor Quince to develop a digital badge for the Mission Employable scheme.

What we are doing

to embed digital literacies skills