My First Steps as an iChamp

When I first agreed to become an iChamp representing The University of Southampton I was not sure what to expect. After attending the Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Conference on the 8th-9th September 2015, in order to gain some experience in the field of education, the iChamp network was slowly starting to take shape. This gave me Read more about My First Steps as an iChamp[…]

Being a Music iChamp: Tackling Music and the Web

Before becoming the iChamp lead, I completed an educational project with the music department – my undergraduate field of study. For this project I was working on a new module with academics in the field of Music and Web Science.  The Web has dramatically changed the way we engage, interact, explore and discover music.  This new course enables Read more about Being a Music iChamp: Tackling Music and the Web[…]

Oli’s Digital Citizen Badge

As a very few of you will know (like two?) I have been working on my iChamp badges. I’ve aimed to first go for the digital citizen because, essentially, I do a fair amount of the stuff required already. There are a number of requirements to achieve this badge: 1) Complete a digital privacy quiz and Read more about Oli’s Digital Citizen Badge[…]