Oli’s Digital Citizen Badge

As a very few of you will know (like two?) I have been working on my iChamp badges. I’ve aimed to first go for the digital citizen because, essentially, I do a fair amount of the stuff required already.

There are a number of requirements to achieve this badge: 1) Complete a digital privacy quiz and 2) have a managed online profile.

Before completing this quiz I was working on a similar quiz, which had the bonus of making it easier to get the required 100%.  Unfortunately, having worked on the a similar quiz I do disagree with the answer to the question on passwords. Longer passwords are better, not more complex ones (and can be easier to remember).  If you would like to know more, see https://xkcd.com/936/

Although most people might think “LinkedIn” when I say “professional social media” but actually I tend to find Facebook and Twitter much more useful for this (things people associate with “invasion of privacy” and “pictures of food”, respectively)  I mainly engage with other professionals on Facebook and Twitter.

I particularly use Twitter for professional interaction – asking questions of leaders of various fields and even linking people with complimentary skills together so they can work on joint projects. (See below)

Facebook is much more useful for talking to people you know and sharing things you think are cool with them – like these two posts sharing an event I was running and an event I planed on going to.  To use Facebook in this way you must have a good grasp of Facebook privacy settings. Why? Check this video by Tom Scott for a scary demonstration of what can be achieved with a little thought, knowledge and elbow grease.

That’s all for now – if you want to see some more examples of what social media can achieve then check this out


PS Here’s some examples of what I was talking about



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