Being a Music iChamp: Tackling Music and the Web

Before becoming the iChamp lead, I completed an educational project with the music department – my undergraduate field of study. For this project I was working on a new module with academics in the field of Music and Web Science.  The Web has dramatically changed the way we engage, interact, explore and discover music.  This new course enables musicians to understand musics relevance in the modern day, what careers are available to musicians in these fields, whilst broadening the opportunities and experiences of musicians at the University of Southampton.

Below is an overview of the program this was aimed for and my views on Music and the Web:

Working on this module enabled me not only to develop my research skills, but enabled me to gain an understanding of how an academic approaches writing a new module. This approach included the formal processes, lecture overviews, types of assessment and the Universities module regulations. I also gained an understanding of how different digital technologies enhance music, how we use different online applications and how this impacts our lives. This work has shown me the relationship between Web and Music – first hand (which I have gone on to further study at postgraduate level). Most importantly, I learnt the impact and success that can come from working collaboratively with academics in creating a module that will engage students. This process has enabled everyone involved in the modules creation to discuss the different approaches and topics, establishing what is relevant to a student and aread that would excite a student to carry on studying the field.



Blog Post by: Anna Kent-Muller, iPhd Web Science.


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