Oldie but a goodie

Some of my work as an iChamp has gone somewhat, unrecorded, and in this post and a follow up one I intend to correct that.

So on with the show!

What I would like to share with you today is my project with Dr Angela Fenwick; To establish a way of hosting informal interviews and face to camera discussions on ethical issues in a way to encourage distance learning for medical students taking the new 4th Year Clinical Ethics and Law Module.  Although this was originally meant to be more a distance learning/live streaming resource with the campus in Kassel the lack of reliable WiFi access soon put paid to that plan and we finally settled on the podcast style.

OK.  First challenge side stepped.

We initially looked at voicethread.  This is a great system for creating an online conversation centered around a piece of content.  In a process they call “voicethreading”, viewers can add content or replies to the initial seed content with these responses added on to the end of the initial content.  This is great I thought, we actually get that conversational feel to an otherwise potentially distant and somewhat didactic experience.

Bur there were two problems – 1) The voicethread’s length gets longer as you add more replies and 2) they weren’t easily made private.

The second was really the biggest issue.  For academics and practicing clinicians to be open and candid with their reflections on clinical situations we needed to be able to guarantee that what they said would be only available to those who needed them (a fairly common theme in this post and in medicine in general).

This being said I do strongly recommend you give it a try in your own teaching – it is a great system.

So now we needed a new platform…

What other platform/system allows you to post content and have some sort of conversation while also allowing control over privacy…

At this point I was watching a YouTube video – as I must say happens from time to time (https://goo.gl/JrGoI8 educational, entertaining and Star Wars references – what’s not to like!?).

But, wait – what about those channels discussing big ideas, like the one here or here or here.

This seemed perfect!

So I said to Angela “hey what about YouTube” and she said “give it a try and then show how to do it” (NB this is hideously paraphrased).

And so YouTube was tried…

…and it works rather well.

There is one problem – it has to be a video. HAS to be. YouTube does not allow anything that isn’t in a video on its magnificent site.  So what to do? Jump through the hoop.  What you do is simply get Windows Movie Maker (it’s free, don’t worry) and put a picture in and match up the audio. It’s very easy and YouTube has an excellent help section, for this and many other potential issues (links here and here).

And it can be private!! There are two types of privacy (private and unlisted; more details here) and you can use these in any way you wish.  We have settled with private videos – this gives you the most control over who can and can’t see your videos.

AND you can like and share what videos from other YouTubers that you like!

So where are we now? We have a YouTube channel – CEL Module and give students a generic logon eg sotonexample@gmail.com.

Sorted.  Now we just need some content and some students…


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