A workshop in two parts…

I recently delivered a workshop to the Faculty of Medicine Medical Education Unit.

This presentation covered my work on my two projects (detailed elsewhere on this site – here and here).  The first part was focussed on the process of working with an iChamp to establish and achieve an appropriate goal (using Dr Angela Fenwick’s project as an example) and the second half revolved around a how-to I developed as part of my project with Dr Scott Border.

Unfortunately there was a poorer turnout than I had hoped and this posed some difficulties.  I also managed to overrun somewhat and this is an easily fixed problem – be less ambitious.  This is not something that comes easily to me, but almost certainly is a skill that needs to be developed in the future.  It would probably have been easier to deliver each talk separately, removing some time constraints and potentially allowing me to delve deeper into each project.

Although the poor turnout hampered my ability to deliver a ‘proper’ formal presentation, it did encourage an informal sharing of information did happen.  Where possible I guided this using my slides but this was not always possible. I also felt that the exchange of knowledge that occurred between the academics present was almost as important as the information I intended to deliver to them via my presentation.  I feel this doesn’t detract from the fact that it was a successful presentation where everyone came away having learnt and developed some new skills and knowledge; as well as having some new pieces of information to mull over.

Of course, the issue of poor turnout could have been avoided by holding the event during term time.  This would mean that more of the Faculty would have been able to attend.  Of course, this isn’t necessarily true as the Faculty are likely to be overwhelmingly busy during term time – so it may have had poor turnout either way.  This is a shame as the whole Faculty could have benefited from hearing how an iChamp could help them and the iChamps could have benefited from the increased exposure this would entail.  Hopefully the paper that I am currently writing with Drs Border and Fenwick will allow us to reach a wider audience.

I look forward to perusing more projects in the future and sharing the knowledge gained with as many people as possible



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