Chemistry – Shiny new project!

Clarissa Chay and Courtney Rowan working as iChamps for the University of SouthamptonIt’s been a whole year since Courtney and I started out as iChamps and is now the perfect time for us to start our next project! It involves the app Nearpod, where students can open a web browser or the app on any device they have on them and follow the lecture as an interactive slideshow that the lecturer has created with Nearpod beforehand. There are a number of interactive features the lecturer can choose from to create their slides, including multiple choice Q&A, a polling system, a mini quiz, draw something, a memory test and fill in the blanks.

The draw something feature is potentially very useful in chemistry as students can draw freehand on their device to show electrons interacting or draw organic molecules and the lecturer can have real time feedback from the class and pull certain answers up if they want to go into any students individual response further. Correct answers can be pulled up to show other students how it should be done, and the lecturer can also see key areas of weakness among student answers so they can pinpoint concepts to focus on, or maybe go over it again in the future to give students a better understanding.

The students’ response to the lecture and any answers they have provided are collected together by Nearpod so the lecturer can view and analyse this data. The student participation is also given with each question so the lecturer can gauge student engagement, and the diagrams students have submitted are also available in the report.

The university have bought a load of Nearpod licenses for the staff to use, and it’s our job to help them use it in the best way possible. To start off our project we have a meeting next week with the director of programmes at the university to set out prospective guidelines for the ways in which Nearpod can be used within the department, and to also discuss some of the ideas we’ve already come up with as to how we would like to see Nearpod used in the coming year.

Clarissa & Courtney

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