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Clarissa Chay, Chemistry iChamp
Find my Pathbrite here – www.pathbrite.com/clarissachay

A massive part of being an iChamp is documenting what we do so it’s right there to see and we can share our progress easily online. Ever since iChamp training, I’ve been in love with Pathbrite as it provides such a visually appealing display of all our work on our individual profiles. We can post virtually anything, from images, videos, documents and badges, along with web links to grab anything else. Pathbrite then displays this on one page for each portfolio and it’s down to you to choose how you group your work. I personally have one portfolio for each different project I’ve worked on, though it would be just as effective to have a separate portfolio for each of the digital badges we are working towards as iChamps.

Up until recently, I’ve added bits and pieces to my portfolios which I have felt relevant to one project. However, I then created an iChamps portfolio as parts of my work didn’t fit exactly into one specific project as they were more generalised. This would have come from being inspired at conferences or from something I was working on at the time that had lead to a mini self-motivated side project.

It was only when I took a step back from our Nearpod project and wrote up our progress so far, that I thought to write a summary for each project that could be posted at the top of my Pathbrite portfolio. This would explain the project as a whole for anyone that may have come across my profile and not have a clue what Nearpod is or what all these documents and photos in my portfolio mean. Although I post captions to each document or photo, some added detail may be needed for someone from an outside perspective. Even if someone knew all about Nearpod and the work Courtney and I have been doing, my portfolio now feels complete with this added overview right at the top for anyone to read, which can then be backed up by the evidence posted beneath it. It adds in-depth context to the work I’ve shown in my portfolio, and I now feel it tells much more of a story which can guide viewers through the work I have done rather than expecting them to piece it together themselves.

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