Collaboration, Communication and Continuation

For the last few months I have been collaborating with Michael Slade from California to improve the e-Book that I have created in previous projects. The e-Book is in its early stages of development as it will hopefully be a continual project that will change with the field course, even once I have left the University of Southampton. One of the main bits of advice given to me by Michael Slade was the responsibility that comes with creating resources such as the e-book – the responsibility of its maintenance and improvement. This blog post will discuss how I aim to achieve this.

Work on improving the e-book has been continuous and through discussions with Michael and hours of experimentation we have decided to introduce a widget that will enhance areas of the book that were previously hard to use. One section of the e-book was the arthropod section, which acted as a phylogenetic tree. The book currently displays this as over 70 pages that all contain interconnecting links – not ideal. To improve this I will be creating a widget to allow for the same features to be present all on one page. I will start by using keynote due to time constraints but will also experiment with animation tools such as Tumult Hype 3.

Aside from improving the e-book it is also vital to think about the continuation of the e-book, particularly as this may be my final year in Southampton. In order to do this I will create another e-book that is specific to the fieldwork e-book on its features, how it was created and how best to edit it if needed. I will then hopefully provide a workshop, or at least the e-book, to people involved with the field course to ensure its continuity.

Upon the success of the e-book on the field course I will run a workshop for other members of staff within the Biological Sciences department to demonstrate the benefits of e-books and hopefully inspire them to make their own and implement it into their syllabus.


Chalie Cosstick

Friday 11th November 2016

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