Mission Employable Away Day

Within my role as an iChamp I work as part of the Mission Employable team, led by my academic advisor Eleanor Quince. In July of last year the team had a discussion day involving presentations from all the team on our projects and the successes and challenges that they have thrown up.

During the presentation I outlined my experience researching digital badges and considering how they could be applied to the Mission Employable initiative. The discussion and feedback that followed from the team was hugely valuable. As most of the team have limited knowledge or experience with digital badges I was able to pinpoint their areas of confusion or doubt regarding the concept, which will be hugely valuable when it comes to ‘selling’ the badges to students.

Beyond this, by delivering my presentation alongside the presentations of other members of our team it became apparent how digital badges could be harnessed to enhance and encourage engagement across other aspects of Mission Employable.

All in all, a very successful days work!

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