Geography meets the iChamps!

1381882_422671887833264_291638023_nGeography is the study of the physical world and with the rise of digital influence, it is essential to increasingly link this subject to the virtual world too. My role within the Geography department is to work with Dr Sally Hayward to encourage the development of Digital Literacies within my own year (1st years!) and with the 2nd year students.

As part of the first-year module GEOG1010, Sally and Fiona have already developed a Level 1 Professional Geographer E-badge. This is issued to students who evidence the required criteria through an online portfolio on Pathbrite. My project as an iChamp is to encourage students to work towards making an impressive portfolio which they can display, with their E-Badges, to potential employers through Linkedin and other social media platforms. I plan to run workshops to help improve portfolios, encourage 1st and 2nd years to apply for their badges and increase recognition of these within the University and with big Geography Graduate employers.

So far, I have been working on my own portfolio and improving my own online presence, particularly on Linkedin and Twitter! I am in the process of building my Pathbrite to not just display my iChamp and Academic achievements, but to also evidence all the extracurricular volunteering, hobbies and skills I have been developing- I hope to make these portfolios public over the coming weeks! I have already achieved the first of the three Level 1 Professional Geographer badges, and am about to start working on my next badge. You can view the ‘Curiosity’ badge and links to its criteria and my evidence portfolio here.

I’m very excited to have this amazing opportunity to become an iChamp and to begin developing my project with Sally and Fiona- I’m loving trying out new apps and websites to create exciting material for my portfolio. I’m looking forwards to taking my knowledge and sharing it in order to help fellow students, online and in person, whilst also improving my own digital literacy and communication skills!


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