Giving my First Lecture

With major changes to the Biological Sciences field trip and the introduction of pre-trip lectures I found myself being invited to give a 25 minute talk in a lecture on the project I have been working on since September 2015 – the e-book. I was honoured to take part in this lecture and straight away Read more about Giving my First Lecture[…]

Jisc’s Change agent’s network national meet up

  Last week Myself, Fiona and Clarissa attended the change agent’s network conference that took place at the Univeristy of Lincoln. This national meet up (summarised in my storify) run by Jisc was an opportunity for student and staff partnerships to showcase the innovative work they have been completing on student engagement. We travelled up to Read more about Jisc’s Change agent’s network national meet up[…]

Blogging for academia

As iChamp for the Faculty of Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences, I was invited to conduct a workshop for 70 final year undergraduate students in Politics and International Relations on blogging for academia. Many students read, write and participate in online blogging, however, the ability to tailor their rhetoric for research-style commentary was lacking. Many Read more about Blogging for academia[…]

Italian Twitter project (Twittiamo) takes off

As an iChamp I am lucky enough to take part in a very interesting and innovative project with Alessia Plutino – entitled “Twittiamo“, meaning “Let’s Tweet” in Italian. Many students are using social media such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter daily, writing many of their posts in English. The beauty of this project is that Read more about Italian Twitter project (Twittiamo) takes off[…]

Now we are all Champions

Today saw the launch of the Champions Network at the University of Southampton. The network is part of the raft of new Champions, including the iChamps we also welcomed the Feedback Champs, Sustainability Champs, OPUS Champs and there will be more.   Further information about this will be accessed via the Southampton Opportunity programme from Read more about Now we are all Champions[…]