Explain Everything… to yourself?

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing around with Explain Everything on my iPad. Explain Everything is a really flexible app that lets you make instructional-style videos for pretty much anything you can think of. I’ve used the app for everything from making study videos for my exams, to making demo videos for FuseMind. Read more about Explain Everything… to yourself?[…]

Digital Literacy & The World of Engineering

In today’s technologically driven world, digital skills are at the heart of what being an engineer means. The invention of the computer has revolutionized how we acquire, apply and communicate engineering knowledge. As an iChamp working with the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research, my job is to explore and enhance how digital tools can Read more about Digital Literacy & The World of Engineering[…]

Clarissa Chay and Courtney Rowan working as iChamps for the University of Southampton

Chemistry – Shiny new project!

It’s been a whole year since Courtney and I started out as iChamps and is now the perfect time for us to start our next project! It involves the app Nearpod, where students can open a web browser or the app on any device they have on them and follow the lecture as an interactive Read more about Chemistry – Shiny new project![…]

New projects for the academic year

After completing our first project and attending conferences, Clarissa and I are now into our second year as iChamps and have new projects that we are itching to get started on. The first one we have undertaken is improving Chemistry lectures, aiming to increase student attendance and engagement. We hope to achieve these objectives by Read more about New projects for the academic year[…]

Enhancing Fieldwork Learning using an eBook

After a busy few weeks of meetings, assignment deadlines and working on the e-book it was finally time for Fiona Harvey, Judith Lock and I to go to San Francisco and present our work to the attendees of the iPads in Higher Education Conference 2016. This was a huge opportunity for me and if I Read more about Enhancing Fieldwork Learning using an eBook[…]